Doc's Custom 'Commemorative' Artwork

Doc has often been approached by those with a desire to give a custom painting to a friend or family member who has endured the loss of a dear loved one, or someone they would like to honor for a special occasion or someone they consider very special.

Doc will then ask for candid photos of the subject, either a child, youth or adult, and he will then compose a painting depicting the subject in a celebratory or memorial painting, often picturing the subject with the Savior.

Below are several examples of paintings Doc has done.

To make such a purchase affordable Doc makes a digital painting rather than an oil painting on canvas. The development of the image digitally is the preliminary step which he does in the process of creating an oil painting, and this digital painting is done in such a way as to be indistinguishable from an oil painting on canvas. Because only half as much time is required to develop this image than is required to carry it to the next step of hand painting it with oil paint on canvas, the cost is substantially less.

When the painting is completed you will receive the digital source files in five to seven sizes saved at 300dpi, as well as a permission letter which will allow you to have them printed professionally without copyright problems.

The cost for these custom paintings will vary depending on their level of difficulty but they begin at $500.

For more information about this type of memorial or commemorative painting please contact Doc via email at