Welcome to the official web site of Doc Christensen

Doc Christensen, artist and illustrator, has brought joy and inspiration to many for the past four decades with his masterful paintings, portraits, and illustrations.

On the pages of this site you will see many of Doc's most noted paintings and you will be able to purchase prints of them as well. You will also be able to discuss with Doc the creation of a custom memorial or commemorative painting.

You will also have access to his other web site - Celestial Heritage Art - where you can have many of his unique paintings personalized by having yourself or a loved one depicted as the main character.

The Passing of our Prophet

With the passing of President Thomas S. Monson the painting, "Portrait of the Prophets", needed to be updated. In anticipation of the Prophet's passing Doc has been working on this updated version for several months.

This painting has a bit of a history. If you would like to read about its developement just click this link.